Jeans: More than just a fashion statement

Steer clear of low-rise Western-style jeans.Low-rise jeans accentuate the hips, but often to too great of an extent.After all, you want people to notice your hips, not for your hips to be the only things they see.Also, those of us with less than flat tummies know that low-rise jeans can become uncomfortable after the wearer has been sitting down for a while.Sometimes, they can even start to give the wearer a sort of sagging appearance.Instead of low-rise jeans, those of us with curvy hips and a visible tummy should go for slim-fitting jeans.Slim-fitting jeans hug the hips without making them the focus of your outfit.They can also make your stomach look leaner and overall appearance more seamless.

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The Bright, Encouraging Color of 2012

It’s that time of year again — spring is just around the corner! With the warmer temperatures comes a bunch of new fashion trends, including the latest and greatest color trends. Rocking this season’s hottest hues is a surefire way to stay on trend without breaking the bank — just pick out a new piece or two in one of the colors below and you’ll have a completely updated look for springtime.

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Know Jeans

  1. May 20th of every year is considered to be the official “birthday” of blue jeans as it was the day that Levi Strauss, Levi’s jeans inventor and the owner of the idea of riveted jeans pants Jacob Davis received patent of the rivets no.139,121 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  2. 215 jeans can be made with only one bale of cotton.
  3. The majority of jeans’ zippers have the word ‘YKK’ written on them. YKK technically stands for ‘Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha’ which is Japanese language, meaning “Yoshida Company Limited.” It’s a company formed in 1934 by a Japanese zipper manufacturer, Tadao Yoshida.
  4. There are some store selling jeans online that allow you to create your own favorite style of jeans and you can choose pockets, leg style, color, fit and so on.
  5. When purchasing a clothing garment like jeans, more than half of the money goes to the people who sell it, only 12% goes to the manufacturers.
  6. Most of the mills that make a ‘heavy’ fabric, denim, are commonly located near to cotton crops as the fabric uses large quantities of cotton.
  7. Nearly all jeans are stitched together in hundreds of thousands of low-wage ‘sweatshops’ and private homes around the world. The statistic came from the number of poor countries where jeans are rarely worn but large quantities of denim are imported.
  8. Every American owns, on average, 7 pairs of wearable jeans
  9. Jeans were called “waist overalls” or just “overalls” before 1960 and Levi Strauss changed it to its popular name of “jeans.”
  10. The common dye found in blue jeans is called phthalocyanine and is a light activated agent with cell destroying properties.
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Facts About Jeans

1. ‘Jeans’ were named after Genoese sailor from italy because they wore clothes made of a blue fabric of cotton, and linen and wool blend. The word ‘denim’ came from the name of a French material that is found in a town called De Nimes in France.

2. Initially jeans were not made from Cotton. In the 18th century, as trade and cotton plantations boomed, cotton become the apt choice. Workers wore jeans because the material was very durable. It was usually dyed with indigo, which was taken from plantations in the Americas and India.

3. In 1853, German Hewish dry goods merchant Levi Strauss started selling blue jeans under the name ‘Levis’ in San Francisco. In 1891, Levi Strauss & Co’s patent for jeans with rivets went public and many companies began to adopt a similar concept.

4.  During the Second World War, jeans (called ‘overalls’ at that time) got introduced to the world by American Soldiers, who usually wore them when they were off-duty.

5. The late Hollywood actor James Dean popularised jeans when he starred in the movie, Rebel without a Cause. Thus, Jeans became a symbol of youth rebellion during the 1950s in America. Teens who wore Jeans, were banned from restaurant, Theatre and Schools.

6. Skinny Jeans – These look best on slender women with long legs. Because of their clingy nature, they accentuate the hips and bottom. Boot-CUT Jeans – These are tight till the knee and then flare out slightly till the hem. The wider hem takes the attention away from a larger waist, hips and things. Low-Rise Jean – Also Called low riders’, these sit just below your hips. If you want to flaunt your flat stomach, these are the jeans or you. Boyfriend Jeans – These are perfect for women who are rectangular in shape. The loose leg, Slouchy waist and large pockets are flattering on healthier bodies. Capris – These jeans end at the mid-calf or just below the calf, and are very popular among women of all age groups. They are usually meant to be worn in the summer.

7. Tips For Buying Good Fitting Jeans – Avoid focusing on just size. You need to pay attention to the fit too.
– Don’t Choose jeans that are too bulky or baggy.
– Make sure that back pockets don’t add bulk or make your bottom look too large because of any embroidered designs or embellishments.

8.  May 20 is considered to be the birthday of blue jeans.

9. In India, trousers made of denim which were worn by the sailors of Dhunga came to be known as dungarees.

10. Jeans are the world’s most sought after casual wear. Over 200 pairs of jeans can be made from a bale of cotton.jeans brand

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The Best Jeans For Your Body

To figure out which jeans will work for you and help to cut down your shopping time, read on.

Straight cut
Straight-cut jeans typically sit at your natural waist and are slim through the seat and thighs. The fabric should skim your silhouette and the leg should be long, tapering off gradually and slightly at the ankle. This style of jean is classic, and if you have the body to wear them, straight-cut jeans can pretty much be paired with anything.

Flare cut
Also known as boot-cut jeans and originally designed to be worn with cowboy boots, this cut is very flattering for many body types. Typically, flare-cut styles should sit just below your natural waist and should be slightly loose through the leg. From the knee to the ankle, these jeans become slightly wider or “flare” out. A bonus is that these jeans will never go out of style and it’s so easy to dress them up for a date or the office.

Wide leg
Like flared jeans, wide-leg jeans often sit at your natural waist or just below it, but the seat and thighs of these jeans will have a relaxed or quite loose fit. Back pockets may be larger and deeper on this style of jean. Wide-leg jeans usually have a straight, slightly tapered cut from the thigh to the ankle, but they are very loose through the leg so that the shape of your body is not as easily discernible.

Low rise
The defining feature of low-rise jeans is that they sit below your natural waistline, often on the hip bones. Low-rise jeans can be straight cut, slim fit, bootleg or wide leg. It’s best to wear low-rise jeans with a longer shirt, otherwise your midriff will be visible anytime you move your arms — while girls might be able to get away with belly-baring jeans and short T-shirts at the bar, this look is never a good one for men.

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W.Stallion Brand

W.Stallion is a convenient alternative to those who admire vintage clothing but prefer a modern twist; typically the casual jeans guy between 25 and 40. Wearing W.Stallion ensures that your look will always be original and it expresses your individuality. Our WSD jeans are distressed; treated to give them that second-hand, worn look that you crave. The fabric is soft and the shirts include flannel and classic Oxford button-downs.

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